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Merely setting up a website, does not mean you’ll get any visitors! Pay per click advertising is undeniably the quickest route for driving your website to the first page of Google. By utilizing AdWords, PPC can get you on the fast track to higher rankings, more clicks, and improved conversions at a fixed cost. In other words, you are only paying for each visitor who arrives at your site after clicking on a paid search ad. What many don’t realize, however, is that paid search advertising also has the power to underscore your entire digital strategy around branding, competitor analysis and SEO!  It is also a very useful tool for short term promotions and user testing.

The paid real estate on Google and Bing SERPs (search engine rankings positions) is becoming increasingly competitive. As more advertisers enter your competitive space, costs rise. This is happening across virtually every category and will only continue. As such, you need a PPC partner who can build a highly categorized and specific keyword list into the thousands, and then manage that keyword portfolio toward a specific goal. Whether that goal is CPL, ROI, lead or sales volume, we deliver. Our team has over 10 years of combined PPC experience.

pay per click advertising and management

Your Business and Google PPC

We’ll keep you up-to-date with your campaigns performance using in depth statistics from Google Adwords. Being Google partners here at WSI, we are able to match your first months spend by up to £120 with Google Adwords (for new accounts only). You’ll be able to assess the value of online advertising for your business and make an informed decision to continue or end your campaign.

Google PPC Management

If you continue to use WSI for online marketing, we will regularly optimise your campaign, continuously trying new keywords, altering bids, position preference, scheduled display times and all the other tools available. At the end of each month we’ll provide detailed reports, comparing statistics from Google Analytics against the previous month to highlight where there have been improvements and explain what we did to achieve them. For those new to Google PPC marketing, we understand the importance of remaining accountable and providing measurable results.

*Subject to management charge and set up fee. (Our set up fee for a basic campaign is £300)

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