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Our Approach and Ethos

We recognise that every company is different, not only in terms of their requirements but also in terms of their internal resource and how they like to work.  We work from a structured foundation to deliver our services and we tailor the way we work and what we deliver to suit our client’s preferences.  Our corporate mission is to help enhance the profitability and growth of our clients.  Our approach to digital marketing is designed to ensure we maximise the value we create for our clients – but also to identify up front where this may not be possible to enable the most effective allocation of resources.

Digital Marketing Activity

Usually any digital marketing activity will start with a consultative stage, involving analysis of the current position, market and competition.  We will then overlay the marketing brief or objectives and test for feasibility, risk and potential return on investment.  The client is then in a position to make an informed decision about the digital marketing approach and budget required.  After the consultation and phase is complete we produce a detailed implementation plan, milestones and objectives.  We then implement the plan and report on its progress, review, tweak if necessary, report, review etc,

We can work with our clients to the specific elements of the digital marketing process that they require and we can provide support and training for elements that are to be delivered in house.

The Website Development Process

Every project has different requirements and we look at every web project individually to determine the best course of action but for the most part you can expect us to stick to the following process.

Stage 1: Design & Planning

We’ll start by getting to know your organisation, identifying your goals and objectives for the new website, learning about your target audience and what features are required. We’ll also ask for any logos and branding guidelines you have that will help us design a site that fits perfectly with any existing materials. Much of this will be covered off early on at client meetings. You’ll also be introduced to your Project Manager who’ll be your main point of contact throughout the development, if you have any questions at any point please feel free to give them a call. We’ll have a design meeting internally to discuss your project and discuss things like layout, navigation, colours, page structure and website content. One of our in‐house designers will then put together your concept design, which once complete will be sent to you for approval. You may ask for up to five rounds of changes to the concept design, each time we’ll send you the updated version. Once you’re happy that we’ve created the perfect design, we will ask you to approve the design by email so we can move on to the next phase of development.

Stage 2: Development and CMS Integration

Once the design is approved, the project will be passed on to our coders who’ll begin building the site in HTML code and integrating it to the relevant website platform that we have selected based on your requirements.At this stage (if not earlier) you’ll also be contacted by your Project Manager about the content for your website. If you’re going to be providing the content you’ll be sent a list of what is required along with a few pointers for creating great web copy. You may also be asked to provide suitable images for use on your website, or to approve the images we’ve selected for you from our stock image library.

Stage 3: Content Upload

By this point we hope to have received all of the text and image content from you so that we can start uploading it to your new website. Any delays in getting this content to us could cause delays in the site being launched, we’ll do anything we can to help you avoid these delays (e.g. giving you a deadline well in advance and providing copy writing advice where possible).All content will be uploaded with SEO best practices in mind to give you the best possible chance of ranking well in the search engines.

Stage 4: Testing and Sign off

Once all of the content is uploaded to the site we’ll start our rigorous testing of all features and functionality. We’ll check that everything works correctly in the popular browsers used today and that the site is W3C compliant. We run our proprietary WebScan software on the site to check for coding problems and ensure the search engines will have full access. Once we’re happy that everything is in order we’ll invite you to look around and do your own testing. As soon as you’ve had a look around the site and given us any necessary feedback we’ll ask you to approve the final development of the site ready for launch. Once we have received your approval we will put the site live on your chosen domain name. We will then invoice for the development element of the project that becomes due on launch of the website. We’ll then arrange for the delivery of training as required.

WSI Terms and Conditions


Payment terms are as stated in your invoice.All prices quoted exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.We reserve the right to change/amend these terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes will be binding.

Refund & Cancellations Policy

If you wish to cancel, then simply notify us by e-mail. You will be liable for support up to and including the month of notification. Usually this will entail paying any unpaid balances, we will then ensure a smooth handover, we are keen to maintain good relations and many customers do return back to us after they have tried other companies.

Design & Development Work

Once we have been engaged to work on designs or development work we are both committed to completing the project except by mutual consent and if full payment has been made for all completed work.

Marketing Work

We insist that marketing work needs to be paid monthly in advance (unless otherwise agreed). Cancellation of work therefore requires 30 days notice unless otherwise agreed.

Website Development and Ongoing Support

WSI is committed to completing your project at the prices we provided to you at the beginning of the project. Additionally, we know that no one likes unpleasant surprises, especially when it comes to finances, so we created this policy to make you aware of the events that often result in an increase in the price of a web development/internet marketing project. Finally, we believe in open, honest communication and believe it is our duty to inform you of those situations that impact the final price of a project.Following are the most frequent instances that will cause an increase in the final price of a project:

  1. You request the addition of features and functions that were not listed in the original project description documents presented to you as part of the sales presentation process.
  2. You request the addition of Flash applications/files that were not listed in the original project description documents.
  3. You request changes to the graphic template after you have approved the graphic template design.
  4. You request more than five rounds of revisions to the graphic template design.
  5. You request changes to the main site navigation after you have approved the navigation structure on the Siteplan document.
  6. You request the addition of new web pages beyond the number of pages stated on the original project description documents.
  7. Pages that require a high level of graphic design or coding.
  8. You request revisions to the text content and pictures you provided to us after the content and pictures are placed into the website.
  9. You request that we work on systems and processes that are external to the website and not included in the original description documents.
  10. You request changes to a pre- development module or application.  (We sometimes use pre-developed systems because they can be deployed faster and more cost effectively.)
  11. We have to resolve problems in another online application that were caused by the development and launch of a website when we were not given prior knowledge of any connectivity or unique programming issues.

Consistent with our “No Surprises” policy and our desire for open, honest communications, if at any time you have a question about any of the aforementioned items; please don’t hesitate to ask any member of the WSI team.We are totally committed to delivering a premium web development, support and internet marketing service.  We have processes in place to help ensure we perform each and every task 100% right the first time, however we accept no liability for consequential or economic loss arising from the build, ongoing support or internet marketing activity of your website.Any ‘accumulated hours’ or hours paid for in advance by the client may be redeemed against any services offered by WSI at any time excluding; Google PPC budget, Lead Forensics.  Accumulated hours are not refundable in cash.

Hosting Services terms and conditions

We provide a fully managed hosting solution. Our hosting partners provide servers which are securely located in data centres in the UK and US and our systems make regular backups.:

  • Business class hosting on a Tier 1 network
  • Part of a secure firewalled network
  • We hold offline site file backups for extra security (optional, must be requested and subject to platforms)
  • We make daily, weekly and monthly database backups – useful in case you accidently delete that page!
  • Our monitoring system checks your website every few minutes and we are alerted to any downtime so that we can investigate and correct problems quickly
  • We’re available in the office Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm to answer any queries you may have, no waiting in a queue for a call centre to answer
  • We’ll endeavour to respond to email queries within 2 hours on working days Support transferring / setting up domains (DNS, A records etc…)

Price differences in websites reflect the level of support that we expect to have to manage on different levels of site and traffic. Business critical and high volume websites may require additional bespoke, support, out of hours support, failsafe disaster recovery or mirroring configurations, which can be arranged on case by case basis, these packages require a much larger investment due to the hardware and out of hours support availability. If your website is mission critical please speak to us about our advanced hosting packages.Hosting costs are to be paid in advance and all packages will automatically renew unless we are notified 30 days before the renewal date. Failure to pay for hosting or domains will result in loss of service. There will be an additional fee of £100 to restore service once we receive cleared funds. Our uptime guarantee matches that of the host supplier (typically 99.8%). Out of hours support can be quoted for on a per client basis. Compensation for any failure exceeding 99.8% shall be pro rata for the cost of the hosting. WSI will not be liable to pay for any economic loss resulting from website or e-mail downtime.We have the upmost confidence in the security of our websites and the hosting provider, however no system is 100% safe from malicious users. In the event that your website is compromised, we will attempt to restore your website from our most recent backups and make recommendations and quote you for preventative steps to prevent similar attacks. WSI will not be liable for any economic loss resulting from website or e-mail compromise.

Appendix A:   WSI Powerontheweb – Service Level Agreement

Service Level Description Standard Client Response Time Premium Client Response Time
Unknown Telephone Message We will return all telephone calls within 24 hours We will return all telephone calls within 12 hours
Unknown Email received from client We will respond to all emails within 12 hours We will respond to all emails within 12 hours
Critical *Site is down or key functionality not working Immediate service, fixed in less than 24hrs Immediate service, fixed in less than 24hrs
Important/Urgent *Minor Content Updates. Minor tweaks and changes that will take less than 1/2 hr to implement Will be performed and email confirming completion within 48hrs Will be performed and email confirming completion within 24hrs
Important/Urgent * Task that takes more than ½ hr to complete that is not a new development or project Will be performed and email confirming completion within 4 business days Will be performed and email confirming completion within 2 business days
Important/Urgent New Development/Project We will respond within 48hrs with the scheduled completion date for that projectProject will be completed to the scheduled timescale We will respond within 48hrs with the scheduled completion date for that projectProject will be completed to the scheduled timescale

*We guarantee to deliver the following service levels if the request was received by email to ‘[email protected]’.All clients have instant chat access to our team via Google Chat or Skype.**All Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time at the discretion of WSIpowerontheweb.

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